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Design should be a great, unexpected and considered experience.

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Welcome to the Studio

Studio Skiffle ( § ) is the award-winning design and art practice of multi-disciplinary maker Marshall Lambert. Marshall is a designer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but additionally works intimately with small businesses and individuals to provide design solutions customized to client's needs.

Through a process and research-rich approach, her work combines both traditional and conceptual graphic design practices yielding well-considered, experiential solutions through thorough, thoughtful execution.

Studio Skiffle specializes in editorial and publication design, illustration, and design mentorship. 



Featured Project
2018 MIT Presidential Cobweb Holiday Card

“May curiosity rule your world in the new year!” ⟼ Designed for the President of MIT and Mrs. Reif, this card embraces and encourages curiosity and craft. As the recipient pulls on a mysterious silver string emerging from the center of the card, a delicate paper engineered cobweb ascends, revealing a silver foiled hidden message that is signed by the Reif’s.

So far the card is charming in its complex simplicity, but there’s more to this than what initially meets the eye.

The front of the card is stamped with a lively blue foiled origami crease pattern centered with the also foiled official seal of MIT. It all seems lovely and relevant enough, considering the exploratory nature and maker culture that is embraced at MIT, but when the card is flipped to its back we learn that the origami crease pattern featured on the front of the card—when using large enough paper and genius folding techniques—actually folds into the two men and the podium from the seal.

As the designer I was initially inspired by a collection of cobweb valentine cards that live in The Metropoliton Museum of Art’s Department of Drawings and Prints. The Met originally shared the collection in a blog post in 2017 which featured several particularly rare and delicate cobweb designs from as early as the 17th century.

It was after I experimented with the cobweb technique that I discovered Brian Chan’s stunning origami crease pattern in an MIT search, but it wasn’t until later-than-you-would-imagine that I realized what it folded into was the men and podium from the MIT seal. I came across a timelapse made by Brian which confirmed my suspicion, and with Brian’s permission we featured that link on the back of the card along with an image of the final origami men-at-podium.

The final design of this card is, and simply had to be, a marriage of Brian Chan’s work and the curious cobweb.

Over eight months I worked closely with the creative director to tackle and oversee this complicated production with our print and production vendors.

A custom illustration of the notable MIT Dome was also created to use on a customized stamp to reflect the cobweb design of the card.

The Juicy Details

Creative Team ⟼ MIT, Resource Development, Communications Creative Director: Barbara Malec; Associate Creative Director: Elizabeth Connolly; Designer & Paper Engineering: Marshall Lambert; Content written by Marshall Lambert; Editing & Proofreading: Evanthia Malliris; Stamp Illustration & Design: Marshall Lambert; Origami Pattern provided by Brian Chan

Project Duration ⟼ April 2018 through December 2018.

Specs ⟼ 6.25” Square Card ⟼ This card is triplexed together with 105# Smooth Stardream in Crystal for the front panel and 100# Cover weight Stardream in Silver for the middle and back panels. The interior (underneath the cobweb) and the back of the card were printed on an HP Indigo Digital Press at Puritan Press. Front die cut, all foiling (front, interior, back) and assembling completed at Superior Packaging and Finishing; Custom stamps printed through PhotoStamps; 1mm Silver string from MayArts

Specs ⟼ 6.5” Square Envelopes ⟼ Silver Stardream envelopes with Adriatic Blue liners from Cards & Pockets.

Special thanks to our Print Production Liaison, Jake Faiola at Puritan Press for working with us bring this card to life!


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