2016 Tunnel Book Holiday Card

Every year I get bombarded with drive and excitement to craft a special holiday card for the folks that matter the most to me. Last year I was bit by lenticular curiosity, while this year I stared down (the idea of) a tunnel book. Tunnel books can be both simple and complex creatures, combining multiple layers to achieve a certain vision or concept. I love gazing through a winter window while listening to some holiday tunes—so, naturally, I wanted to recreate that scene as an interactive card.

These cards were three layers: a background layer which on the "viewing" side was sprayed with an adhesive subtle silver and gold glitter (that actually stuck really well and din't "shed" much at all), a middle layer with "falling" hand-punched snowflakes from cardstock, and a front layer which consisted of an outside frame that had a piece of transparency paper adhered to the back of it, and on the front a little poem that ended with an invitation to "kindly wander" to a playlist I had curated from some of my favorite holiday tunes. The back of the piece (the other side of the background layer) featured an area to write a personal note to the receiver, and dubbed "x of 50" in festve silver sharpie.