MIT Campaign for a Better World: Animated Skylines


Featuring highlights of each city, these skyline animations were created for traveling MIT Roadshow events in support of MIT’s Campaign for a Better World and were played on various large screens throughout the events. Animated social ads were also created for the more recent skylines.


The following animations were completed using Adobe Animate from January 2019 throughout 2019.

London Skyline, September 2019.


Atlanta Skyline, July 2019.


Southern California Skyline, February 2019.


Bay Area Skyline, January 2019.



The following animations were completed from December 2017 through October 2018 using a stop-motion technique.


Beijing Skyline, October 2018.


NYC Skyline, October 2018.


Chicago Skyline, April 2018.


Miami Skyline, March 2018.


Seattle Skyline, February 2018.