Project Tortilla Banjo

This is an interactive observational research project based on the notion that skin banjo heads closely resemble corn and flour tortillas. This project is located here. Once you've finished pondering the identity of each image, hover your mouse over them to reveal their true identities. 

Project Details: 
Observational humor expressed by comedians is based on the commonplace aspects of everyday life. Everyday life typically involves one's hobbies. A hobby I'm trying to work back into my everyday life is picking the banjo that sits upright next to my bed. I research and play a lot through my design work, but I recently started contemplating how I could begin to experiment through my banjo playing. 

I play traditional three-finger style most commonly used in bluegrass picking, so learning a different style, such as clawhammer, was an easy, and fun, place start. But I began to wonder how the sound of my banjo and my playing might change depending on the application of different hardware, such as a new type of banjo head. The type of banjo, head or bridge, whether the individual plays wearing picks or uses bare fingers, and the gauge of strings are all ingredients of the recipe that is the ultimate sound of your banjo picking. I decided to research and purchase a skin banjo head. Would they work on my type of banjo, and if so, what might that sound like? Did I need a particular size? 

I was looking for the answers to many questions, however, my research was quickly disrupted as I noticed early in my research that skin banjo heads look an awful lot like tortillas.