Celebrating two months in Colorado

Dear Skifflers:

After a long haul from Boston with a stop at home in West Virginia to spend time with family, I finally landed in Colorado two months ago today. (!!!)

I enjoyed my three years in Boston, but the reasonings for leaving Boston had begun to outweigh the reasonings for staying. It was time to start building a future for myself and for my studio practice—a future that is both intentional and holistic—and the timing felt very right to make this leap. I had never been to Colorado before arriving here, and I must give credit to a best friend of mine for bragging to me over the last few years about how great Golden, and Colorado in general, was. Shannon: You were right. Colorado is kind of amazing. And thanks for letting Luna and I crash at your and Clay's home until we found our own place to land. We love you!

I must also thank family and friends from the bottom of my heart for the many ways they helped with my move and life transition from Boston to Colorado. Among other things, thanks to: Mom, for making cookies with me, Other-Mom for making me birthday shrimp and grits, Linda & Diana for the sleepover and mug, and Jane for the WV bracelet. Special thanks to my Dad who road-tripped with me from West Virginia to Colorado, towing my car behind as we chugged right along hour by hour on I-70 listening to arguably too much Jerry Jeff Walker, John Prine, and NPR. I love you, Dad—both before, and after, the roadtrip!

It's been a very busy and exciting two months here at Studio Skiffle and I've additionally become a barista part-time at Starbucks for their amazing benefits package, and to be around people (and coffee!!), too! I've found it to be an enjoyable balance so far, hiking and exploring gorgeous Colorado with Luna on my days off.

Due to getting all settled here and everything that entails, I've been pretty silent on the SS social media, but I've got some things up my sleeve and plenty to share from here on out, so please stay tuned! 

xxo, ss

With love from Eldorado Canyon State Park!