Your Story Has Touched My Heart

Poster Installation
Inspired by the notion of the collection itself being curated, 500 unique images were curated from frames of a three-minute 4k video shot during the making of this short film. These 500 frames became an edition of 500 unique posters for the exhibition at the Lightbox Gallery at Harvard Art Museums during May of 2016.

Project Background
The title and edition #/500 lives quietly on the lower right corner of the poster. The posters were presented as a stack and visitors were asked to only the poster from the top of the stack.

Your Story Has Touched My Heart is a video installation by Sarah Newman & Matthew Battles of metaLAB (at) Harvard exploring the Harvard Art Museums’ remarkable American Professional Photographers Collection. The objects in this collection—nearly 20,000, from negatives to prints—were carefully selected by Barbara Norfleet, collected from hometown photography studios across the US. Your Story Has Touched My Heart, created by artists Sarah Newman and Matthew Battles from metaLAB (at) Harvard, combines these photographs with new video footage, sound, and fragments of text that put the work in dialogue with memory, individuality, ephemerality, and the meaning of visual abundance as these images find their way in the digital realm.