Experimental Teaching

Experimental Teaching as Design Practice was a one-day workshop supported by the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching. The workshop convened stakeholders in experimental teaching for a day of conversation and rapid prototyping. Participants collectively surfaced critical and creative questions and propositions in the field, bringing design thinking to bear in the process.—metaLAB (at) Harvard

The poster design reflects the experimental energy which occurred during the course, and speaks to radical pedagogy and the counterculture spirit of the 1960's. The content was printed, cut out and arranged onto the bed of a scanner. The pieces were then moved as scanning occurred.

We also explored the idea of a portable experimental teaching kit, which might contain an informational 24x36 poster, an interactive create-your-classroom-manifesto poster, and a deck of cards which would act as an design thinking card game framed around experimental pedagogy . 

The experimental teaching kit is being designed with the same aesthetics as the poster and are currently still being prototyped and tested.