There is Magic in Letting Go: Poster Series

This personal project focuses on reflecting upon phrases or ideas from my nightly writings and ramblings and expressing them through spontaneously created poster designs. 

From the beginning I wanted to set restrictions for myself, one being that the posters would be square format. Some of the posters happened very spontaneously and organically during the process of creating, while other posters were more planned and executed. As time passed I would define other restrictions for a set of posters I created, such as only using a particular typeface or color, or creating the poster entirely by hand. Some of these posters are literal while some are more abstract. 

The theme of the project evolved to be "There is Magic in Letting Go." I worked with this phrase in mediums including poster, video, and also experimenting with my Lytro camera (

The idea of letting go is essential as I continue to play and experiment in my work.

There are approx. 40 posters total, and I additionally experimented with some video. To bring the project together, I designed a 24" x 36" poster with a complex "oyster" fold. The square posters are inserted into three sections that the large poster creates when it is folded up. The front design of the large poster reflects the project theme.

While the contents of this piece are reflective upon thoughts and feelings, the outside of the large poster is literally reflective as I applied a heavy silver paper to the back and finished the edges with a black matte tape.