[ MFA Thesis Book ] There is Magic in Letting Go: Encouraging Improvisation in the Design Process

This book is a reflective anthology of the large body of work relating to my thesis "There is Magic in Letting Go. Encouraging Improvisation in the Design Process," completed in May 2015 at Boston University. Through my supporting thesis projects, I explore the idea and importance of improvisational methods in the design process. Embracing successes and failures, improvising and experimenting with both digital and analogue technologies, and discovering ways to create new narratives are some of the topics explored through my thesis, and expressed in this book.

TiMiLG: EIitDP is a three hundred and eighty-four book containing:

  • thesis writing totalling one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven words
  • eight hundred and sixty-nine word Declaration of Improvisation
  • fourteen featured thesis supporting projects with written descriptions totalling two thousand one hundred and eighty-five words

  • This book was part of Design Observer's Thesis Book Project and can be purchased through Blurb by following this link.