#MadeYouLaugh exhibition was an exploration of the science of laughter and experimentation with laughter and humor. Can I increase the happiness of the audience by creating a designed experience? 

I created an altered accordion fold booklet for the #MadeYouLaugh exhibition concept. Each three panel section individually opens up to reveal a larger space exploring that particular panels concept and/or the experiment documentation.

The pieces for this exhibition concept involve my handwriting which I also used as a design element throughout the design of the booklet. In one of the experiments I executed, “Take a Funny, Leave a Funny,” the audience brings their own handwriting, their own mark, to the exhibition. 

Take a Funny, Leave a Funny • Experiment
Put the audience at ease by providing a “funny,” then ask them to leave behind a “funny.” Will the audience feel compelled to share a personal funny moment, leave behind their favorite joke, or something else? Will their response be based on the type of “funny” they take first?

See Your Funny (See, You’re Funny!) • Concept Experiment
Laughter is literally contagious– audibly. But what if laughter could be visualized; would the visual presence of laughter also trigger us to laugh?