South Table Mountain& Breckenridge& Camp Hale, Oh My!

Concussions are never exactly what one would consider convenient. At the beginning of April I was rear ended and pushed into the car in front of me, and my neck when like this (see .gif). Veloster made it out impressively fine, but I ended up with some neck-stuff going on and a mild concussion from whiplash. D'oh!

After living in Colorado for six months I have decided to stay. But I did just move to a new apartment... about a mile down the road (not the best time to be concussed). And what a lucky girl I am to have a Dad who likes to help his daughter move! I guess moving is not so bad when it's mid-April and still ski season. (But really, I'm pretty sure skiing was his main motivation all along to come here all the way from West Virginia...)

I do ski but since recently being concussed, I thought it would probably be best if I would tag along and just not do the whole skiing part. So while Dad was out cruising down the mountain, I enjoyed taking some multiple exposure photos of the slope and some images kind-of paired with the Breckenridge ski map. Always looking, always playing. 

The next day we drove over to Camp Hale—my grandpa was in the 10th Mountain Division, so when we're near we like to go and hang around a while. We had a nice little picnic with leftovers from the delicious Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant and washed that down with some Chocolate Coffee Stout from Broken Compass Brewing (we bought a growler full of it the day before—worth it!). And all the while, my girl-dog Luna ran around happy as a clam (photo below for pwoof). 

Earlier during his visit we hiked up South Table Mountain and our noses were greeted by a ton of delicious smelling honeysuckle! The really exciting thing about shooting multiple exposure photography is that you really don't know what you're getting until after you've done it. You can try to theorize framing and lining certain elements up as much as you want, but when it comes down to it, you just have to jump in and have some fun and see what it all results as. There were some big fluffy clouds setting in, and I had an idea to get these honeysuckle plants kind of overlapping with the fluffies—and just as I was eyeing it all up, a man walked into the frame from the top of the mountain, adding a little human element to it all.