Design should be a great, unexpected and considered expereince.
Branding and Environmental Design for The Giving Tree and Communities in Schools

Ohio County Schools
Creative Direction, Design, Installation 
Melissa Marshall

A branding system and environmental graphic elements were designed for and installed into The Giving Tree. This shop is an important element in the Communities in Schools program in Ohio County Schools. The Giving Tree provides everything from clothing to food resources for those enrolled in the county who are in need.

The space before—a blank slate.

The space after design and vinyl installation—all ready for the opening.

A few process shots from installation day.


Studio Skiffle, shorthandedly referenced here as §, is the playful and improvisational award-winning design and art practice of M. Marshall. Marshall has passion for color, smells, culture, the real, the surreal, the known and the unknown. The work of § reflects the curious and processual methods embraced while exploring and improvising with both digital and analogue technologies.   
What’s a Skiffle?

The name of § was influenced by the music genre, Skiffle. Familiar to few, Skiffle music is often played using improvised spirit and music instruments alike. When happening upon the word and musical world of Skiffle, Marshall felt a great kinship between the essence of Skiffle and her own design processes which often involve improvising, playing and exploring different mediums and techniques.