Design should be a great, unexpected and considered expereince.
Graphics for Blueprint for Counter Education Event at Harvard

"The book Blueprint for Counter Education by Maurice Stein and Larry Miller appeared in 1970 as a boxed set with three large graphic posters and a bibliography and checklist that map patterns and relationships between radical thought and artistic practices⎯from the modernist avant-gardes to postmodernism⎯with the philosopher Herbert Marcuse and media theorist Marshall McLuhan serving as intellectual points of anchorage. The book could be assembled into a portable, do-it-yourself learning environment with the posters and an accompanying “shooting script” functioning as a basis for a critically informed, activist and learner-driven model of education. Blueprint for Counter Education became one of the most defining works of radical pedagogy of the Vietnam War era and eventually integrated into the Critical Studies curriculum at California Institute of the Arts.

On the occasion of the release of an expanded edition of Blueprint for Counter Education designed by
Project Projects and published by Inventory Press, the Consumer Research Center/bookshop at the Carpenter Center hosts a two-day exhibition, roundtable discussion and book presentation. Organized by Jeffrey Schnapp, the event brings together original authors Maurice Stein and Larry Miller Blueprint for Counter Education in conversation with Schnapp and Project Projects principal Adam Michaels." metaLAB (at) Harvard

Visitors to the presentation and roundtable event were invited to engage with the installation as they saw fit— perhaps taking a cue from the 101 Learning Aids for the Charts in the Style of Tuli Kupferberg by Don Krohn.

Above and below are several teaser graphics I created for the event, inspired by Don's list, to express the excitement for this event through social media.

Below are photos from the presentation and round table discussion with Jeffrey Schnapp (metaLAB [at] Harvard), Adam Michaels (Project Projects), Paul Cronin (School of Visual Art NY), Maurice Stein (Brandeis), and Larry Miller (UMass). Sert Gallery, CCVA, Tuesday, May 10, 5-8pm. In preparation for the event, I mounted two of each chart onto foam core, all of which were hung back-to-back at the event allowing them to be viewed from both inside and outside the exhibit.

Photos below are from the Wednesday afternoon visit to the Lightbox Gallery at Harvard Art Museum where metaLAB presented and led a discussion about the process behind creating the Blueprint for Counter Education website. I also designed a poster and flyer take-away for this event, which is displayed in the first photo below.


Studio Skiffle, shorthandedly referenced here as §, is the playful and improvisational award-winning design and art practice of M. Marshall. Marshall has passion for color, smells, culture, the real, the surreal, the known and the unknown. The work of § reflects the curious and processual methods embraced while exploring and improvising with both digital and analogue technologies.   
What’s a Skiffle?

The name of § was influenced by the music genre, Skiffle. Familiar to few, Skiffle music is often played using improvised spirit and music instruments alike. When happening upon the word and musical world of Skiffle, Marshall felt a great kinship between the essence of Skiffle and her own design processes which often involve improvising, playing and exploring different mediums and techniques.