Multiple Exposures: Eldorado Canyon State Park

This is series of artistic multiple exposures taken during a hike in Eldorado Canyon State Park near Bolder, Colorado, in October of 2017. These images are part of a set of images where I deeply explore various elements of a location through multiple exposure photography.

My process for this mode of photography is very quick and improvisational. I begin by taking in the elements around me, both near and far. From there I quickly start creating numerous tries of two images fused together, one after another until I feel I've done enough. Two images are fused together immediately once the second image is taken.

Occasionally I will take a peek at the new image, but that's only after I've taken a number of them and want to refine a particular take.

It's important to distinguish that these images are created on camera, none are separate photos blended together in Photoshop.


 Embrace the Unexpected

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