In how many different forms can one piece of content exist? I began by writing an improvisational piece and then continued to explore and express that content through two handcrafted books, a song and video using techniques such as processing and slit-scan photography.

Each outcome represents the process of using predictable and unpredictable elements. It has become important and interesting for me to set up particular structures and rules in my work while at the same time creating and letting unpredictable elements have their own influence in the final piece.

The Crow

the scent of beer in a blissful rage
speckled tiles smile from the inside of the cage
orange pillow stool sits under my tush
sorta wanna stand but i don't like to push

people placing straws one right after another
gotta go grab them all then push them further
weird shaped clouds float along in anger
sign on the beach says, "perigo! danger"!

go (go) go to the end of the wall
go (go) go but try not to fall
go (go) go to the end of the stream
go (go) go just slide on the cream

hey, can someone pass the salt?
heh, how about the pepper?

vinnie put too many onions in the sauce
strings in the teeth so henry's gotta floss
eagle has landed in the state of west vagina
lots of immigrants from communist china

try to hit the crow but it's impossibility
homies all strike the implausibility
float like a butterfly sting like a cactus
monkeys swimming 'round in a tub full of molasses

you can't hit the crow 'cause he don't wanna move
you can't hit the crow it's got nothing to prove
you can't mow the lawn it's got nothing to prove