Spark: A Bold Triannual Publication from the College of Fine Arts at Boston University

Working closely with the College of Fine Arts marketing department at Boston University, we created a new publication, Spark, that replaced their standard calendar of events print piece for three years.

Spark featured season event highlights and unique storytelling through compelling editorial in a unique broadsheet format. As Creative Director for Spark I designed a color system where two colors selected from the cover image of the Fall issue become the primary colors for that issue, where the complements of which then become the primary colors for the Spring issue. The system carried these colors through logo, overlays, gradients, and type treatments.

Biannual to Triannual

In its first two years Spark won nearly a dozen awards in editorial, creative direction, and graphic design categories and thanks to its success was granted an additional issue per season.

Disrupting the original two-issue color system, the new third-issues adopt a "wildcard" theme. For the very first third-issue's colors, published in the Spring of 2017, inspiration was gained from the contrasting tartness and sweetness of a grapefruit enjoyed in early Spring.



Below, we'll take a look at the color system in action through all cover's of Spark placed next to its own centerfold calendar of events, beginning with the most recent issue.

Volume Three, Issue Three: Spring 2018 (Wildcard Issue inspired by early Spring east-coast beach vacations.)

Volume Three, Issue Two: Winter 2017

Volume Three, Issue Two: Winter 2017

Volume Three, Issue One: Fall 2017

Volume Three, Issue One: Fall 2017

Volume Two, Issue Three: Spring & Summer 2017 (Wildcard Issue inspired by the contrasting tart and sweetness of an early Spring grapefruit.)

Volume Two, Issue Two: Winter 2016

Volume Two, Issue One: Fall 2016

Volume One, Issue Two: Spring 2016

Volume One, Issue One: Fall 2015